Supporting Clients In Conservatorship Matters

Witnessing a parent or other loved one's decline is devastating. When a loved one is no longer able to care for himself or herself, intervention may be necessary. In some cases, this intervention takes the form of a conservatorship. In California, a conservatorship involves a court appointing someone to handle the affairs of someone who can no longer do so. Typically, conservatorships apply to the elderly or to individuals with special needs. All too often, individuals or families seek conservatorships on behalf of elderly family members who are being taken advantage of by a family member or caretaker.

Whatever your situation, a conservatorship is a delicate undertaking that requires the services of a knowledgeable, careful lawyer. At Steven S. Alkema, Attorney at Law, our law firm is known for our work in these challenging situations. For instance, when county agencies discover evidence of financial elder abuse, they often recommend our firm. Based in Vista, our conservatorship attorney represents clients across North County and beyond.

Taking Decisive Action On Behalf Of Our Clients

The decision to seek a conservatorship is not always easy and can bring longstanding family disagreements to the forefront. Our lawyer and staff will carefully review all the evidence and advise you whether a judge is likely to appoint a conservator. If there is evidence of abuse or that your parent or loved one cannot manage his or her affairs, we will go to work immediately. In fact, there may be an option to seek a temporary conservator if there is an immediate need.

Seeking a conservatorship requires substantial documentation and is overall a very detail-oriented process. Having sought numerous conservatorships, handled conservatorship matters in court and worked with clients on guardianship issues throughout our firm's history, we are fully prepared to do what is necessary to achieve your goals. If there is evidence to prove that a caretaker or other family member has stolen from your loved one, we will explore all remedies to restore these assets.

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