Establishing Guardianships

Whether you are seeking a guardianship of a child or facing the prospect of someone else seeking guardianship, it is essential that you understand what a guardianship is. At Steven S. Alkema, Attorney at Law, our Vista law firm is committed to helping adults in all aspects of guardianships.

Using nearly 20 years of experience, we strive to provide our clients with the information they need regarding guardianships. We are sensitive to these types of cases, keeping in mind that the best interests of the child should be at the forefront of the case.

When Is A Guardianship Needed?

There are a wide range of situations which may require the intervention and appointing of a legal guardian for a child. If a child is in a situation where someone else other than the parents needs to be caring for the child for a long period of time, beyond just a few weeks, then a guardianship may be necessary. This would allow the adults to make legal decisions for the child that is in their care.

Guardianship Vs. Conservatorship: What Is The Difference?

As with all types of legal designations, what a guardianship and conservatorship entail in California is different than in other states. In California, a legal guardianship refers to someone being the guardian of a child. A legal guardianship over an adult is called a conservatorship. There are a number of other subtle differences between the two, but this is the easiest way to understand whether you may need help with establishing a conservatorship or guardianship.

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