Experienced Guidance In Creating A Will

The terms "Will" and "Last Will and Testament" are often used within the context of estate planning. However, many people do not understand what a Will is used for and how it is created. A Will is essentially a legal document that details your wishes for how your estate is to be handled and other directions for your loved ones in the event of your death. While this topic can make some people uncomfortable, and thus they put off creating a Will, it is important that you ensure your voice will be heard and your instructions will be followed.

At Steven S. Alkema, Attorney at Law, our Vista estate planning legal team uses nearly 20 years of experience when handling the creation of a Will. We walk clients through the process of describing assets and to whom they are to be distributed, naming guardians for minor children, appointing an executor and other important notations that are included in a Will. Our firm also handles the creation of Living Wills and revisions of existing Wills, as well as provides information to clients on inheritance law and how it may impact their specific situations.

Having An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

Today's technology seems to make it easy to have a Will written up. At-home software and online services promote the "do-it-yourself" creation of a Will. But is this the best avenue to ensure your assets and legacy are protected? Not for everyone. The benefit of enlisting a lawyer to help with your estate planning needs, including your Will, is that you have a knowledgeable, experienced, insightful ally in the process. An attorney like Steven Alkema can take a detailed, comprehensive look at all of your assets, as well as any issues pertaining to minor children or medical situations, and ensure that your Will speaks to any and all of these matters. Without the guidance of a legal professional, it is possible that your Will is not only missing details but may not even be legally valid.

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