Taking You Step-By-Step Through The Probate Process

In California, when someone dies with assets in excess of $150,000, and there are no trust or beneficiary designations, the estate must go through probate. This can be a complex and overwhelming process for anyone to handle if they do not have a full understanding of the probate process.

To get the guidance that you need in probate matters, turn to the office of Steven S. Alkema, Attorney at Law. From our office in Vista, our firm is committed to helping clients at all stages of the probate process, whether it has already started or you are already feeling daunted by the prospect of probate.

Helping You Understand Where To Begin And What Comes Next

Our lawyer, Steven Alkema, will handle every step in the process, keeping you informed of all developments. These steps include:

  • Filing a petition in Superior Court: This is the first step in the process, alerting the courts that there is an estate that needs to be probated.
  • Taking inventory of estate assets: A detailed list of all assets and their estimated values needs to be provided in order for probate to proceed. The court needs to know what is going to be distributed and the monetary value of the assets.
  • Paying valid creditor claims: If creditors have filed claims against the estate, they need to be paid from the estate assets, once claims have been validated. It is possible to contest these claims if you believe them to be invalid.
  • Paying taxes and filing tax returns: Any state or federal estate taxes that are due must be paid and tax returns filed to ensure all tax implications of the estate are met before any remaining assets are distributed.
  • Distributing assets: Estate assets will then be distributed to beneficiaries according to the terms of the will or California state law, if there is no valid will.

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