Comprehensive Trust Administration Representation

A Trust is a tool that, as an integral part of an estate plan, can be useful in protecting property and monetary assets for the benefit of beneficiaries and loved ones. There are many different types of trusts and as a result, all need to be administered differently and according to the terms set forth in the Trust documentation.

If you are involved in the administration of a Trust or have concerns, turn to our skilled legal team at Steven S. Alkema, Attorney at Law. From our office in Vista, California, we use nearly 20 years of experience when confidently guiding clients through the Trust administration process. Our firm can provide Trust administration representation to clients at all stages of the process, even if we were not involved in the initial establishment of the Trust.

One use for trusts is to avoid probate. By channeling funds and property into trusts, and into the hands of the trustees, those assets do not need to be probated as part of the decedent's remaining estate. Once the administration of the Trust is proceeding, we can work to see that the terms of the Trust are preserved and that they are indeed protected from probate.

No Court Involvement

When an estate is being administered, it proceeds through the probate process, which is overseen by the courts. The benefit of Trust administration is that there is no court involvement, just the trustee or the beneficiaries and their attorneys working to achieve the goals of the Trust. However, if a dispute arises and cannot be resolved through negotiation, the court will become involved in order to settle the dispute and end the Trust litigation.

Approach Trust Administration With Clarity

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