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The ramifications of dying without a will

Ideally, estate planning should begin during the early stages of your life and then updated according to life events and other circumstances. If you own a house, you need a will. If you have children, you need a will. If you have investments or savings (big or small), you need a will. The list goes on.

Surprisingly, 51 percent of Americans age 55 to 64 don’t have a will. Why is this?

Everything you need to include in an estate plan

The thought of putting together an estate plan can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you have bad anxiety. People keep telling you how important it is to make sure your assets are protected in case of emergency but you haven't so much as considered how you want your assets distributed or who should be in charge of what?

Naming a guardian for your children

Creating a will or any other estate plan is essential, but it's also something most people put off because it forces conversations about the unpleasant aspects of life. There are many "what if" and "how do you really feel" questions that come up in the process.

For parents, the elephant in the room is who will watch over the children if both parents die. It's hard to think about and difficult to answer, but it's every parent's duty to provide for their children. Even if they've passed on. Within any will or trust, parents should name a guardian just in case something happens.

Elder Abuse is on the rise. You should care.

The number of Americans aged 65 and older is expected to dramatically increase by the middle of the century. By then, elders will constitute more than one fifth of America's population. In California, the senior population over the next five years will have more than doubled from what it was in 1990. These changes will have a far reaching effect on our nation, on our state, and on each of us individually. As your parents, aunts and uncles, siblings and friends, and, naturally, you yourself age, we and our loved ones will join this esteemed segment of the population, and the concerns of our nation's seniors will instantly become our concerns. It is with ever increasing urgency therefore that we must educate ourselves about issues that concern the elderly. One issue that particularly deserves our serious attention is elder abuse


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